Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Republic of Texas is a NATION

The major media outlets have referred to the Republic of Texas as a "movement. " The truth is that the Republic of Texas is a NATION, and has been such since 1836 when it was established by the People of Texas, who won independence from Mexico. The "movement " that exists is the People of Texas working to lawfully reclaim the soil of Texas from the United States which has held Texas as a captured nation since 1865.
The congress of the United States failed from 1836 until 1845 to annex Texas to the U.S. as a state because they did not have the authority under their constitution to do so. They finally passed a resolution (an agreement which is only a statement of intent and has no force of law) to annex Texas. In 1861, the People of Texas, by popular vote, exercised their right under the resolution to withdraw from the agreement. They, as a separate and independent nation, formed an alliance with the southern States of the United States. They did not become a confederate state, but were merely allied with them. After the civil war, the Union Army came to the Southern States and also to Texas and took over by military force and rule. There was never another document done to lawfully bring Texas into the Union of States. It was simply taken over and run by the military.
On March 30, 1870, the congress of the United States passed a special act allowing Texas to be represented in congress. This is the deception that has led everyone to believe that Texas was indeed part of the United States. The fact that Texas is not, and never has been, lawfully a part of the United States is one that is not palatable to many because of our emotional ties to the beliefs we have held all our lives. But belief does not change fact! When we come to learn the facts of how the People of Texas have had their freedoms eroded by involuntary servitude to unlawful governments, and when we realize that we have the chance once again to be truly free to own property and exercise our rights to " Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness," we can begin to overcome those emotional ties in favor of the excitement of the possibility of being truly FREE as God and our forefathers intended.
As you review the information on this website, you will see the work that has been done to proclaim to the world that we have found out who we are - Free people of a Sovereign Nation - and you will also see what has been done to reclaim our sovereignty and independence.
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