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The Savage Papers

The Savage Papers

Report on the Nation of Texas
The True History of the UNITED STATES & Texas
Republic of Texas a FREE NATION?
Allegiance to the United States - or to the Republic of Texas?

"Show this House to the House"
   This twenty-sixth day of September, 1997 is the day to institute changes for betterment in the Republic of Texas. Let us recognize where we have been and what we have achieved thus far. After nearly two years, the People of the Republic of Texas, as a body and as a group, remain together in spirit and in their intent to make the united States government and the government of the state of Texas tell the Truth to Texans about our history and the Republic of Texas.
We, the People in the Republic of Texas have done our study and our research and we know the truth: Texas is a sovereign and independent People and Nation, with all rights of a People to form their own government and determine their own destiny. Many of us have sworn our honor, our wealth, and our lives to make this happen. It has cost many of us, individually, great sacrifices, and our sworn oaths have been called to the test by the Creator, to refine us as silver and gold. Perhaps this People, a People who have given their wealth, their time, and their popularity amongst their misinformed peers, will gather their rewards for their labors and sacrifices. We have survived everything the enemy has thrown at us, everything that the evil side could conjure up against us.
Many of us are Christian, some Jewish, some Moslem, some Hindu, some New Age, some black, some brown, some white; yet through our own prejudices and biases, inborn fears and mistrusts, we have remained a body of one, with the Creator still guiding our paths, a body of one People seeking to do His will, seeking to direct our own affairs, seeking to do what no other people of the world think is possible, seeking to be our own Nation, seeking to direct our own destiny by the Creator's design. The setbacks have been many. The disappointments not few. The disagreements many. Yet, We the people of Republic of Texas remain firm and immutable in our dreams and objectives.
Without the Almighty placing this resolve in us, we could not know that we are on the right course, we could not dream of going against the greatest military might on Earth known to human history, we could not give up the easy life that could have been ours, we could not attempt to tackle the obstacles that lay before us, and the reward thus far has been to be ridiculed by our friends, our preachers, and the press. Other than by the Creator's path, how could We the People of the Republic of Texas think we could possibly change the monetary system of the largest economic power on Earth or change the most immoral judicial system ever designed, or battle our foes in their system and still come out winners?
We, individually and collectively, must set our own houses in order, very quickly. Let us clean up and instruct and educate our own families. Those that cannot see the truth, have fallen victim to chosen ignorance and false peace. All must be right in His eyes for the Blessings to fall from the Heavens, as so many of us have envisioned. The Creator has given us signs and wonders, guidance and wisdom, and knowledge and truth. How else could we have all remained this loyal to a cause, which resembles that situation of David and Goliath?
The Republic of Texas, is for real. It is a sovereign People and Nation. Our People have developed, Republic of Texas economies, businesses, fax networks, magazines, email services, gold and silver depository, newsletters, information lines, and perhaps the most sought after internet pages in the world. We are reclaiming our lands from the interlopers and carpetbaggers, inch by inch. The Republic of Texas has a viable treasury, a place to record births, marriages, deaths, titles, contracts, patents, etc., a self-governing representative council, it own court systems, its own flag, and a People that allow this government to perform these services as is expected of all governments. All that is needed to be a nation we have, whether the rest of the world wants to recognize these facts or not. We have made pleas to the rest of the Peoples of this world for attention, aid, and recognition; but no other force or People on the planet has yielded to our cries.
This battle, when won, will be a victory for the People of the Republic of Texas and their Creator. No other Peoples will be able to claim any credit for our success. All honor will be given to our One Supreme Creator for our victory. Many of our own people have fallen to the wayside, as the refining of silver and gold continues. Most of these were cleaning the house, but let us look back and pick up those that have been struck down by deceit and misguided intentions. The Republic of Texas vision, dreams, and goals remain as strong in our minds and hearts, as when we started. The fortitude of our People is stronger for we have learned patience and struggles. None of us have gone unscathed, but as a People we are still unharmed and stand up in pride, and with honor, and claim victory.
Lauren Lynn, Savage

A Report on the Free and Independent Nation of the Republic of Texas
Groups of concerned citizens from all over Texas and the United States have been meeting for many years to discuss and find solutions to the prevalent lawlessness within our government, judicial system, and society. Groups such as the Citizens for Legal Reform (CLR), VOCAL, Texas Justice Council, and Honest Ethical Law Practice (HELP), just to name a few, have dedicated countless unpaid hours and dollars to try and cure a government and system gone amiss and become corrupt.
For all the time and money invested throughout the United States by these groups and citizens has anything made any real difference in the way our government acts and operates? I see that very few accomplishments have been made in the overall picture; only small victories in little battles.
What choices does a citizen have to repair the system we are living in? What can all of us who are concerned about the lawlessness of our government do to make a difference?
As the people of we the people, we have waited too long to correct the injustices. Many of the problems should have been addressed by our fathers and grandfathers. The systems of judicial, legislative, executive, and other agencies are too far removed from the will and wishes of the people to even understand what our concerns are. Everyday to them is only business (criminal, unlawful, abusive, uncaring, immoral) as usual.
Our governor has ignored and breached his duties to the people by violating his oath of office. Our judges, as reported by the FBI and many other citizens, are corrupt and taking bribes. The bar association has become a private club for organized crimes against the people of Texas. Our legislators take their perks, bribes and positions and ignore the will of their constituents. Freedoms we once took for granted as being our right have been stolen from us by all three branches of our governments. Taxes have risen to the level of being totally enslaving on the people.
In Texas, however, our Bill of Rights preserved the right of the people to abolish, reform, and alter the present form of government in any manner we deem expedient. Officials in the state government like to tell us this is done through the election of our officials and it is the only solution available to us. Our Right, preserved in the Texas Constitution, is worded to say we can stop this government at any time and in any manner.
How can we do this without bloodshed or all out civil insurrection and war? PERHAPS WE CAN'T!
The sovereign citizens of the Republic of Texas are attempting to abolish, reform and alter the present form of government. At the same time, they sincerely believe that peaceful, lawful solutions to take over the government can be accomplished without major disruption to the private persons' lives and livelihood. Since the present government cannot be mended, the Republic of Texas solution is to start our government all over, completely, by the will of the people.
This is the only method left to the people of Texas to regain control of their government! The Republic of Texas, as a separate, free and independent nation, can re-establish the type of government (sane, lawful, moral) that the people want and demand.
The Republic of Texas is our key to end all the abuses of government against the people. Their goals and proposals are sound, just, and workable when the people of Texas realize the positive changes that will occur in their lives when the people are once again in control of the government.
Picture a land, a Texas, with no income taxes, with judges reduced to being one of the twelve jurors on a jury, where the people actually decide what is just and fair. Can you imagine having a banking system once again based upon real money with value being in what a person produces? Banks in Texas where interest cannot be charged and are used only as a support tool for a medium of exchange of a persons labors. Dream about a nation where it is unlawful for any property taxes to exist, where agriculture is the most important business in the land, and contracts cannot be written to void any of a persons rights.
This is what the move to free the people of Texas from the STATE and the UNITED STATES is all about. It is the simplest approach to correct our government. JUST START OVER!
The people in the Republic of Texas have made great strides towards accomplishing this goal. All the historical research has been done, all the international papers have been filed, even the judicial and the state and federal governments have been notified. The recognized lawful establishment of the nation of Texas has been completed. Its banks are close to opening. Its courts are already operating. The citizens of the Republic of Texas are the happiest persons living on the soil of Texas.
The people of the Republic of Texas have established defense forces to guarantee that rights of the sovereign people are no longer abused by the other governments which have been dethroned in Texas. The defense forces are ready to step in and guarantee a peaceful transition of power if needed. The nation of Texas is a free and independent country.
This restoration of the nation of Texas has the support of nearly every person who has come in contact with the individuals who have stepped forward and brought it to a reality. Many of these statesmen and women have done this for all of us at a great sacrifice to their lives and fortunes. The numbers of persons aligning with the Republic of Texas has become overwhelming and staggering. Estimates of a million people joining the nation of Texas and wanting to start over are not uncommon.
The citizens of the free nation of Texas have stood up for what is right! Many of them have moral or religious convictions that have moved them in this direction. The Moral Majority and the Christian Coalition were and are not able to make the old system work, even with their religious ideals. The deep-rooted convictions of the people of the free Texas are the answer and cure to give back the land and government to the people.
Since the Republic's court decided by an stunning majority that the restored government was to be based upon Biblical foundations, given to us by the Creator, all moves have been guided by that goal. A nation cannot simply be based upon these foundations but must place them in everyday action. This is the glaring failure of the STATE of TEXAS and UNITED STATES governments. Sound rules, laws and common sense are what must drive our new government.
Want to be a part of what is right? Want to bring a new era of common sense? Want to end government abuse and waste? Want an end to taxes as we know them now? Join the people of the independent and free nation of the Republic of Texas!
Lauren Lynn, Savage

The True History of the UNITED STATES & Texas
The governments of the UNITED STATES and the STATE of TEXAS that we know today are not the governments of the people. These governments are not the ones established by the people in the united States Constitution nor the Texas Constitution.
These governments are business corporations. The STATE of TEXAS is only a subsidiary of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION which is registered in Great Britain as a foreign corporation. Many decades and much legal maneuvering was taken to hide and disguise these facts. History has been re-written falsely to attempt to make the cover-up total. The citizens of the united States of America have been the victims of this hoax and fraud.
Texas people have especially been deceived. Our independent and free nation, the Republic of Texas, was reported in history as being re-annexed to the United States in 1846.. The re-annexation was accomplished by a resolution of the U.S. Congress and not by the states of the Union accepting Texas in the prescribed manner in law, which is similar to a constitutional amendment. The United States Congress in 1845 had no authority from their states or people to annex another nation by contract or resolution. The UNITED STATES re-annexed Texas again? as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1866?
Why do the documents of history record this as re-annexation? Was the wording of a re-annexation to avoid obeying the rules and laws concerning annexation? The United States Congress contended that Texas, even after Texas fought its own war for freedom from Mexico and was an independent nation for nearly ten years was part of the Louisiana Purchase from France. What an absurd notion! Evidence has come up where the UNITED STATES signed a treaty with Mexico, guaranteeing that they would not aid Texas in its War for Independence.
Neither France or Spain ever considered Texas as part of the Louisiana Purchase. Evidence has now been uncovered to reveal that even the contentions of the United States of a total land purchase of the Louisiana Purchase is false. Documents uncovered in Cleveland, Ohio by the Washita Indian Nation states that the United States only purchased the military forts, arsenals and the public thoroughfares (streets; mainly in New Orleans).
Around 1847 the United States in violation of the compact resolution between the United States and the Republic of Texas started a massive, fraudulent and illegal land grab from the state of Texas. Parts of New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, and others which were part of Texas were militarily taken from Texas. The Texas legislature and Texans knew where their boundaries were. France and Spain confirmed Texas' borders. The Texas legislature of 1849 voted and called for the secession of Texas from the United States. The governor of the state of Texas was impeached for objecting to the legislature's decision. The Compromise of 1850, which was forced upon Texas was to settle the dispute. In less than five years the United States had already broken the treaty and compact with Texas, the same way the United States has honored its treaties with the American Indian Nations.
After fifteen years of questionable statehood, Texas citizens voted by an eighty per cent margin to once again secede from the United States and become the Republic of Texas. This vote still stands as valid and has not been over-ruled by the people of Texas. The United States declared war on Texas and at gun-point forced Texas to remain a state. Under military occupation, the United States forced Texas to accept the government style they demanded and not the government the people of Texas would choose.
Under Reconstruction, all Texas offices were filled with corrupt UNITED STATES officials and judges from the conquering nation. The city manager system is an out-growth from this period which took away the power of our elected mayors. Texas legally and lawfully remains a captive nation, subject to the whims and wishes of the United States. Whether we like it or recognize this fact does not matter, it is the true history of Texas dealings with the United States. It is a fact of history that Texas is a captured nation.
The fraudulent history was indoctrinated into Texas citizens through the school system for over three generations resulting in a thorough brain-washing. The truth of history has finally surfaced and being told to the Texas people by the Republic of Texas. Documents of the civil war, which were sealed by a law of the congress of the U.S. for one hundred years, have been researched and the people of Texas found out the truth!
In 1995 people of Texas uncovered this history and re-established the independent, free, sovereign nation of the Republic of Texas. The Republic of Texas has been re-established according to the laws of nations and all nations on earth have been notified of this fact. Whether the UNITED STATES CORPORATION or its subsidiaries agree or approve is immaterial. The people of Texas have taken their country back and intend to establish a constitutional government of the people, re-written with safeguards to avoid the mistakes of the states of the united States of America.
The great fraud upon the Texas people by the UNITED STATES CORPORATION has come to an end. Whether it is a graceful and peaceful end will be determined by the UNITED STATES and/or its subsidiary TEXAS STATE. The Republic of Texas seeks peaceful and friendly relations with its neighbors, Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New Mexico. These independent states will have our support and peace if they desire. The nation of Texas has offered the Olive Branch of Peace not only to our neighbors but to all nations on earth, even the UNITED STATES CORPORATION.
The sovereign people of the nation of Texas have earnestly been educating the Texas people of the truth of history and teaching them of the fraud perpetrated upon all of us by the UNITED STATES. When the truth finally hits home, a new sovereign citizen is born into the Republic of Texas.
New birth sovereigns into the Republic of Texas has now reached into every county and city of Texas. It has been stated that it is really like being born again, out of slavery and into freedom. This freedom, however, is not one which the U.S. or any piece of paper granted but the freedom we were all supposed to be born with.
The people of the nation of Texas understand and enjoy this freedom now, even though all the shackles that bind us to the U.S. have not been broken. The taste of true freedom, (not the freedom drilled into us at the U.S. brain-washing school systems), is sweet as honey. Those of us who have tasted the honey can never return happily and ignorantly back to the other side. Texas very well may be the promised land for many of us which Martin Luther King referred to when he looked over the mountain top.
Freedom is what the reborn nation of the Republic of Texas is about. Republic of Texas people do not care about government installed enslaving systems which hold the people back from reaching their personal goals.
If you haven't tasted this freedom, you may want to try it!
Lauren Lynn, Savage- a free person of the nation of Texas

Republic of Texas a FREE NATION?
In 1836 the Republic of Texas won its freedom from the Santa Anna regime of Mexico, after a long fought and bloody war. The Republic of Texas was financially troubled in those early years.
In 1845, after an offer was tendered by the President of the United States, the Republic of Texas agreed to join the Union. However the statehood status of Texas was never ratified by the United States Congress and the several states of the Union. The Congress only approved a joint resolution to accept Texas as a state, and joint resolutions in the United States Congress have no foundation or basis in law.
Therefore, the Republic of Texas was accepted as a separate nation into the United States by treaty, and only given status as a state of the United States, not lawfully or constitutionally making Texas one of the several states of the Union.
The treaty or compact, as it is sometimes called, was soon breached by the United States. The United States assumed it had the right to redraw the boundary lines of Texas and steal one-third of Texas lands away for their own use. The governor of Texas ordered Texas troops into several battles with the United States over the boundary issue.
The legislature in 1848, only three years after the breached and fraudulent statehood treaty was signed, voted Texas out of the United States. The Governor of Texas opposed the secession move, so that same legislature impeached the Governor. In 1850 a compromise was reached between Texas and the United States to settle the boundary dispute. Soon after the signed compromise was reached the United States breached this compromise and once again the people of Texas were compromised.
Eleven years later, in 1861 the people of Texas and their government voted Texas out of the United States. The secession was final and complete. The people of Texas had made their decision, they wanted out! The secession was admitted by the United States. This happened several months before the Civil War began!
Later in 1861, the Republic of Texas, joined with the Confederate States of America to establish a common defense. The other states of the south, were considered renegades by the United States. Their secessions were not voted on by the people and war prevailed.
After the Civil War, the Republic of Texas became a captured nation -- a prize of war. Military occupation of our Texan nation by the United States began and has remained until this day. The carpetbaggers from the north never left us. The Civil War records were sealed for 100 years.
In an attempt to cover up the United States' unlawful occupation of the Republic of Texas, Congress supposedly re-annexed Texas as part of the Louisiana Purchase. How could that be? This fraud was intentionally read into the records of the United States Congress, to cover up the fact that the Senators and Representatives from Texas had been illegally elected, and some elections were at gun point.
Indian researchers located the documents of the Louisiana Purchase which Napoleon signed. The United States never purchased the lands of the Louisiana Purchase, but only the military forts and arsenals - NOT THE LANDS!! Again, another fraud by the United States was perpetrated against the people of Texas and Louisiana.
One hundred years later ---
In a West Texas county, research was made into the old sealed records of the Civil War and the records concerning the Republic of Texas. Richard Lance, McLaren discovered the fraud perpetrated against the people of Texas. Along with other patriots which had been studying into other U.S. frauds, concerning citizenship, banks, money, elections, presidential executive orders, lawyer fraud, judicial corruption, etc., Texians then formed a delegation and with these statesmen/women set out to re-establish the Republic of Texas as the free nation it was intended to be.
The law of Nations was researched and every lawful process to secure freedom from the military occupation of the United States has been made.
The Republic of Texas is now, once again, a free nation, established lawfully and is recognized as an independent nation.
Lauren Lynn, Savage




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