Sunday, February 3, 2013


Office of the Consul General
c/o PMB #106
6080 S. Hulen #360
To:    Charles O. Rossotti, Commissioner
       Department of the Treasury
       Internal Revenue Service
       Washington, D.C. 20224                            Certified Mail # P 388 293 070
Notice Date: September 8, 1998
Lewis Ray Daniel, Consul General of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Texas, does hereby notice Charles O. Rossotti, Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (hereinafter "IRS") of Default Nihil Dicit.
On or about July 31, 1998 IRS received Notice of Lack of Authority. IRS has failed to respond and rebut the facts presented in said notice. IRS has affirmed without dispute and confessed by acquiesence to the following:
1. IRS is an Administrative Agency and operates outside of the Organic Law and the
   Constitution for the United States of America.
2. There is no current Delegation of Authority from the Secretary of the Treasury of the
   United States of America to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service published
   in the Federal Register.
3. There is no tax a natural individual in Texas is liable for and there is no form said
   individual is required to file with a proper OMB number assigned.
4. There are no implementing regulations authorizing the IRS to request information or
   collect tax from natural individuals in Texas.
5. There is no act passed by Congress creating the Internal Revenue Service.
6. Title 26, USC has never been passed into positive law.
7. IRS has no lawful authority to impose compelled performance or intrude upon the
   Substantive Rights or Private Property of the Provisional Government, the declared
   Citizens of the Republic of Texas or the People of Texas through private copyrighted laws,    statutes, ordinances, rules, regulations, trusts, implied contracts or to prosecute same in
   the Courts of the UNITED STATES, Administrative or otherwise.
8. IRS is engaging in fraud, mail fraud, conversion, coercion and extortion through the mail.
9. Notice to the principal is notice to the agent, notice to the agent is notice to the principal.
Any response to this NOTICE is required within 10 calendar days of receipt of this NOTICE.

Lewis Ray Daniel, Consul General
Republic of Texas
Provisional Government 




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