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Know your rights

Know your rights
February 1, 1999
When dealing with any of the corporations, U.S.A. INC. or STATE OF TEXAS, COUNTY, CITY, you should be aware that none of these entities are sanctioned by any Constitution. These corporations are not set up by the people, but by and for the agents that run them. The u.S. was incorporated in 1871 and you probably were not taught that in school. The u.S. became UNITED STATES INC. at that time. Since then, all states have become sub-corporations of the U.S.A. INC. and the counties and cities are sub-corporations of the State. The result is that there is no government anywhere in the boundaries of the states or in the ten mile square called the District of Columbia. Some people refer to this as the "District of Criminals."
It seems to this writer that anyone who disagrees with the agents (FBI, BATF, DEA, FEDERAL JUDGES, FEDERAL ATTORNEYS, or any other judges at the local level) will ultimately end up in one of their places of incarceration. Isn't it wonderful to live in America?
If the FEDERAL CORPORATION wants to put you in prison, they will just tell you to confess to whatever or they will go after your family. This has been verified by numerous people. Isn't it wonderful to live in America?
The cities send their agents (Police) to commit FRAUD and EXTORTION against the people in the form of TRAFFIC CITATIONS. Even in the State Corporation's own Transportation Code, chapter 521.025 (b), it says: "A peace officer may stop and detain a person operating a motor vehicle to determine if the person has a driver's license as required by this section." The word "person" referred to is a Corporation. Your private conveyance is not a Corporate Vehicle and there are numerous Court (State and U.S.) decisions that say "You have a right to travel," and that means you do not have to have permission from the state (DRIVER'S LICENSE) to travel in your private auto.
Also in the Texas Constitution the only reference to Police is in the Index. It says "See LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER." There is not a reference point given. Therefore, no sanction is given to Police or LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER. If there is no permission for Police to exist in the Constitution, there is no Constitutional authority for Police to exist. Obviously, Police are operating outside the law since the Constitution is the only lawful document that governs or permits public servants to exist and also gives authority to designated public servants.
The Legislature does not have the authority to authorize any Police or Highway Patrol to exist if the Constitution does not give the Legislature authority to do so.
Also in the Texas Transportation Code Sec. 201.904. Speed Signs. "The department shall erect and maintain on the highways and roads of this state appropriate signs that show the maximum lawful speed for commercial motor vehicles, truck tractors, truck trailers, truck semitrailers, and motor vehicles engaged in the business of transporting passengers for compensation or for hire (buses)."
So now we see that none of the traffic codes apply to any private auto or private inhabitants of Texas. The purpose behind enforcement of these codes is to line the coffers of the corporations, (State, County, City). If you want to prove this to yourself, get a copy of the COMPREHENSIVE ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT from your city, county, and state corporations. This is the [second] set of books they don't want you to know about, but by regulation, you are allowed to purchase one. You will be amazed to find out that they are giving two sets of figures, one public and the other semiprivate. (see "CAFR" on this Web Site).
Also see study written by Jerre Kneip. Jerre goes into Supreme Court decisions based on the right to travel. There is a link to it on the Republic of Texas Web Site. The information that I have tried to give to you is based on my research and also from other knowledgeable people who before me have spent countless hours trying to pass this on to other truth seeking Texians. I hope that this will interest other people to research, in an effort to seek the truth. Get a copy of the Texas Constitution from members of the Legislature or study at the nearest public library.
Jerry Edward King

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