Tuesday, April 30, 2013

His Heart

Have you ever felt it? The depth of sadness that words cannot adequately convey for how intense and strong that it shoots into your very soul? Into your heart of hearts, like an arrow?            
      My soul cries out, my spirit weeps, for You, My Lord, My God, who shares His Heart with my spirit, and Oh Lord, My God, though it is an honor to glimpse, it is also a burden.

      To feel what isn't mine, yet is laid on me, often like a ton of bricks that almost set me straight to weeping.
       I know I feel only a portion, only a fraction, of what is in Your Heart, My Lord, but speak to me now and give me the words so I may speak for You....
I, The Lord, speak now. I, The Lord, speak. Will you not listen, you contentious people? Will you not hear My words, My voice, through those that I, The Lord, have called to be "My Prophets"?
        Wilt thou, in your wickedness, shut them out from your gathering together? You den of vipers! You who see, but see not. You who hear, yet hear not. Do you not know when I Am Speaking? Do you not know the difference?
         I see that you do not, and this breaks My heart. You toss them out of your midst, ignorant, foolish, full of pride, and it stirs My Holy Wrath! Are you prepared to face this? It matters not, for it will be brought to you for what you Have done as much as what you Haven't done.
          I, The Lord, come with mercy and grace, and I send My Chosen, My Prophets, and you spurn them for witchcraft. Call not unto Me when trouble comes, for you, I say surely, YOU, have brought trouble to your very doors, welcomed into what is supposed to be My sanctuary! You make it a den of thieves and vipers, and turn from Me.
           I Am The Lord, and I say this: truly and surely, things Will be set right, according to My Holy Righteous Judgment. Have Holy fear of Me, and respect My Prophets. I, The Lord, have spoken.
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