Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Prophecy

The Prophecy

by novusanima
        I, The Lord, speak. I, The Lord, wish all eyes turn to me, all souls, hearts, and  minds. I Am the way, the truth,  and the life. I Am The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I Am Yehovah.
        Hearken unto me, all that will hear, for I Speak, yet you listen not. I Speak, yet you hardened your heart. A proud people, arrogant of speech and dark of mind.
        I, The Lord, have a message. Trust that as I have spoken, so shall it be.
        Why do you hurt my body? Speech holds power and you wield it as a two-edged sword. Why, my body, must you cast stones as words and send out such pain, hurt, and death? This is not your destiny, nor my desire. My desire is Life and Good, Always.
        I desire that you seek your place in my body and unlock the giftings that I, The Lord, have given you. Be content and prosper in what I have given you, covet not what you have not. I have given to you what is yours for my Glory. Glorify me in spirit and in truth.
       I Am a God of love, true love. I do not desire judgement. I take no pleasue in executing these decrees, and yet, I Will speak out what I must, in My righteous justice and all truth:
Debra.....Debra, you walked the path, and on it, you slowly drifted from it. You are guilty of witchcraft, consorting with demons, and knowingly ignoring the truth. You also have a deep, gnawing lust for idols and their false promises. The allure has been too strong, subtle and deceptive. You believe this is power, and yet you are a puppet with strings, played with like a doll. You see it not, for you are blind, but I tell you the truth, I, The Lord, shall judge you. I, The Lord, shall watch as you lose everything. I, The Lord, shall watch as you march, being led, straight to death. You shall see it not, but you walk to it with open arms. Susan's blood is upon your hands, and you lap it gleefully, but not for long. I require justice, and I shall have it righteously because I AM righteousness.
Carter.....Carter, you who dared to mock Me, you who dared to blaspheme My Holy Spirit. You who stole, lied, and intimidated. You have true wickedness in your heart, and No light. You live in the darkness and, deep down, you fear Me....Not a holy fear, as is just, but the fear of a guilty man before a judge. For your part in Susan's death, her blood is also on your hands, and I require yours in kind. You shall be tortured in mind, afflicted in body, and by no means shall you escape my righteous judgements. You can run, to the ends of the earth, past the coarse of the seas, but I will find you. I see you, I know you, and I, The Lord, have spoken.
Jeff....Jeff, you are guilty of more than just Susan's blood on your hands. You live in evil, crave blood that is not yours to take, and sup on it as a glutton. You claim to know Me, to hear Me, yet I say to you that I Know You Not! You have twisted the Holy Word to suit yourself in the wickedness wrapped around you like a cloak. You desire power, control, recognition, and have found a type of it in black magic. I remind you of this, 'Touch not The Lord's anointed, and do my prophet's no harm.' Yet these things have you done, and more, and you have done these things while claiming Me! How dare you put Me where I Am Not. You lie, you take, you speak to demons in the dark, whispers of death, whispers of rancid wickedness. You are Not of Me, and you will pay dearly for what you have done. Any curses you send out will surely rebound upon your own head, thus says The Lord. I will put a stop to you, quake before Me, for None can save you from My wrath. Your days are numbered, by Me, and I alone Know when your time will run out.
        This is righteous and just as I Am. I, The Lord, have spoken.
novusanima | April 24, 2013 at 11:31 AM

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