Monday, March 17, 2014

Appointment of Kim Wade Gatewood to Office of Counsel General.

Office of the President
P.O. Box 100
Overton, Texas 75684
Notice to all officials of the Interim Government:
Pursuant to the Plans and Powers of June 28, 2003 the Office of the President proudly
approves the appointment of Mr. Kim Gatewood to the position of Counsel General by Secretary
of Judicial Affairs Jeff Smith.
Mr. Gatewood is a county and city leader for the Republic of Texas in Lubbock. He comes to
the position of Counsel General with years of experience and knowledge working within the
state court system and will be very beneficial to the Republic of Texas. His studies in law will
prove beneficial to the Government Court of the Republic of Texas.
Mr. Gatewood has worked hard for the Republic of Texas offering his service to several council
and cabinet members during the past couple of years. He defended himself in a state court
against RT related charges and stood his ground with truth and fortitude. With statesmen of his
caliber, offering tireless sacrifice for the people of Texas, we will with honor, integrity, and
professionalism make great strides towards our goal of independence.
We welcome Mr. Kim Gatewood to the position of Counsel General of the Republic of Texas.
President Daniel Miller
June 26th, 168th year of Texas
Plans and Powers June 28, 2003:
Article 6 Section 2d. The Secretary shall appoint, with the approval of the President and the advice and
consent of the Assembly, a Counsel General…
Article 7 Vacancies shall be filled by appointment as soon as possible by the proper officer, subject to the
approval methods described, without confirmation by the Assembly, prior to its 1st session.


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